Next Steps

A Real Man

Courageously Follows God’s Word

The Good Life

Video Series (Derwin Gray)

In this 8-session Bible study, Pastor and author Dr. Derwin L. Gray shares the better road to happiness found in the Beatitudes of Jesus. In this section of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus revealed the shocking, countercultural path to true flourishing. It comes not through wealth, fame, or laughter but through poverty, obscurity, and mourning.

Explore The Bible

Video Series (The Bible Project)

The Bible is so much more than a collection of stories with different characters. Through the Exploring the Bible series, you can begin reading Scripture as a unified narrative centered upon God’s interaction with his creation and culminating in Jesus Christ. Unlock a whole new level of understanding and applying God’s Word with these powerful videos.

Kingdom Man

Video Bundle (Tony Evans)

How do we as men live out our God-given calling as leaders in this world? Pastor, speaker, and author, Dr. Tony Evans addresses this in his study, “Kingdom Man.” Designed for group settings, this study was created to bolster leadership, vision, and identity within Christian men who desire to lead well. Both the Leader’s Kit ($99) and Video Bundle ($80) are available at the link below.

The Reason for God

Media Bundle (Tim Keller)

People exploring faith for the first time often have doubts and objections to believing in God. This 6 part video series (and accompanying book) discusses some of the most common challenges to Christianity today.


Video Series (Robert Lewis)

Explore, by Robert Lewis, is a 6 session video series designed to help men who are either seeking God or are new to Christianity understand the basics of the Christian faith. A great group study when led by a mature believer, this video series is free of charge with downloadable notes on YouTube.

33: A Man & His Traps

Media Bundle (Authentic Manhood)

If you benefitted from the 11 week BetterMan experience, then you will love continuing your group’s study through 33 the Series. In this particular study, you will dive into the idols, pitfalls, and temptations that men often deal with and learn how to develop a “battleplan” built on God’s grace.