Five Essentials to Engage Today’s Men


There’s no denying that today’s men face unique cultural challenges in life, work, and ministry. That’s why we partnered with Barna to create a comprehensive resource for pastors, men’s ministry leaders, and mentors looking to effectively reach today’s men. Filled with eye-opening statistics and thought-provoking insights, this study is catered to empower you as you support men on their journey towards better.

Five Essentials


Given a choice between two words that describe the state of masculinity today, Christian men are far more likely to choose the negative option. If practicing Christian men believe masculinity is changing, and largely believe those changes to be negative, the next question to consider is what factors they believe are responsible.


Half of practicing Christian men who are currently employed report feeling satisfied with their career. This is considerably higher than among U.S. men overall, where about two in five say they are satisfied. There is an opportunity here for men’s ministries to provide coaching and guidance about where career fits into a godly, healthy life.


When practicing Christian men are asked about their level of satisfaction in 13 different areas of life—more than half are very or mostly satisfied overall. This especially rings true in the 55 and older range, but with this demographic comprising about half of all practicing Christian men, this suggests some significant issues among younger generations.


From marriage to parenthood to friendship, relationships shape the way everyone, including men, experiences life. In the case of friendships, practicing Christian men who report having intergenerational friendships with both older and younger men are nearly twice as likely to be very satisfied in their relationship with their child and in their marriage.


Non-Christian men have a range of needs that churches are well-positioned to meet. They are less likely than practicing Christians to be very satisfied with their overall well-being. The need is there, and churches can help bring peace to these men who are battling overwork, anxiety, and whole host of other issues. This is especially true in younger demographics.
BetterMan offers a powerful experience for men. Whether men choose to participate in a small group or larger gathering they will walk away with a biblical vision for manhood that is foundational to him and those around him. As a man, I’m grateful for what I’ve learned in my personal manhood journey by teaching the material. As a ministry leader, I’m excited about having the privilege to recommend BetterMan to the pastors and leaders in cities all across America.
Keith Boggs
Founder & Executive Director
Real Momentum

Five Essentials to Engage Today’s Men

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