BetterMan News & Updates

Here is what’s happening with BetterMan around the world this week!

Update 01 – Coming Soon: BetterMan In Español!

We are thrilled to announce that the Spanish version of BetterMan will be launching in Spring 2021! Not only will the BetterMan curriculum be available in Spanish, teaching videos by Jaime Loya, Senior Pastor, Cross Church, will be accessible for native Spanish speakers looking to lead a BetterMan group in their community.

Update 02 – New BetterMan the Podcast Series!

In September, BetterMan launched a new podcast series featuring the Barna Research Study: Five Essentials to Engaging Today’s Men. Listen in as host, Adam Tarno, and BetterMan founder, Robert Lewis, discuss important topics like Identity, Vocation, Well-Being, Relationships and the Church.

Update 03 – BetterMan Goes Global

God continues to amaze us by the way He is using BetterMan to reach men across the world! This month we are celebrating with Jon Shuler who just finished leading the first global BetterMan group online. Group members were from Kathmandu, Nepal, Roanoke, VA, Nairobi, Kenya, West Hartford, CN, Orissa State, India, Charleston, SC. and Pawleys Island, SC! After completing the curriculum, many of Jon’s original group members have begun working on starting their own groups. In fact, one is already launching in Costa Rica! God is good.

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