BetterMan FAQ


BetterMan seeks to foster a growing community of men who desire a better, more fulfilling life from our work, family, friends, marriages, and from our relationship with God. You can learn more on our about page.

BetterMan is primarily designed as an outreach opportunity for experienced older men to lead and mentor a group of churched and unchurched men between the ages of 20-40.

All of our resources are provided FREE of charge, unless you would like to order a printed Workbook, which can be ordered from our Store at print cost only.

BetterMan is an 11-week experience. Click here for a brief video introduction to BetterMan.

Click on “Lead a BetterMan” to get started as a leader.

You can contact us to see if a BetterMan experience is launching in your area.

Anywhere you can gather like: local churches, community venues, homes, offices, etc. or even online!

No, any man or group of men who have a passion to invest in younger men’s lives can lead a BetterMan group.

Large Groups, Small Groups, and Virtual Groups are all excellent options depending on your circumstances.

Small groups generally consist of two spiritually seasoned leaders and six younger men. A large group is a collection of multiple small groups that meet at the same time and place.

Yes, and this has been very successful! The two keys to a successful virtual event are: 1) getting each man a printed BetterMan Workbook, and 2) having set groups with the same group leaders and participants together for every session.

It’s totally up to you. We have many excellent resources to help you teach BetterMan live, or you can also teach from the available videos recorded by several very accomplished speakers.

Yes! Check out Mejor Hombre to learn more about the fully translated Spanish version of our 11-week BetterMan video curriculum and workbook.

We have a Contact Page on our website or you can email directly.