FREE RESOURCES: Level Five Friendship Podcast

On Season 4, Episode 6 of The BetterMan Podcast, Adam Tarnow sat down with former NFL quarterback, Jeff Kemp to discuss one of his latest projects – Level Five Friendship – and the positive impact it can have in a man’s life.


Level Five Friends are different from golf buddies or work teammates. Level Five Friends are given a grace-filled glimpse into every aspect of your life, and as a result, spur you on to Christlikeness like no other friends you’ve ever had.


As a thank you to our listeners, Jeff has graciously offered to share three resources that can be used to walk through practical steps to improve the quality of the friendships in your life: 

Mens’ Huddle Video Coaching Tips: On Jeff’s Vimeo page you’ll find several two-minute videos coaching you on how to intentionally connect weekly as friends for support, help, and growth.

  • Men’s Huddle Dashboard: The Huddle Dashboard can be used on a frequent basis as a quick, comprehensive X-ray of your life.
  • Men’s Huddle Tip Sheet: This tip sheet will help you and a friend (or several friends) intentionally connect to support each other each week.


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