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The COVID-19 virus has dramatically turned our society upside down and disrupted every aspect of life. But during this time of shutdowns and social distancing, there are spiritual opportunities. Life-changing opportunities! One of those is helping men rethink what it means to be a man.

For years, healthy manhood in America has been in decline and surveys tell us these men want help. Young men in particular, many growing up without dads or a clear depiction of manhood, have been struggling. What an opportunity for you as a leader to reach out to these men with our 11-week exploration into authentic manhood that offers God’s timeless, life-giving perspectives.

Here’s how YOU can launch a Virtual BetterMan Small Group today:

  • Listen to our “Small Group Best Practices” audio guide below.
  • Sign up below and receive all our BetterMan resources for FREE.
  • Recruit 3-8 men to be in your small group.
  • Set a regular time to meet virtually each week on Zoom (or any other video chatting software). Each small group discussion meeting should last around 90 minutes.
  • Provide a BetterMan Workbook to each small group member. If accessing a physical workbook is not possible, downloadable PDFs are available for each session.
  • Before meeting with your group, select a speaker for your 11 weeks. Once selected, you will send your men a link to access the videos and workbook session PDFs for each week (provided at no charge).

That’s it! That’s all there is to lead a BetterMan Virtual Small Group. But through it, you will change men’s lives.

So, if you’re interested in leading a Virtual BetterMan Small Group, watch our “Small Group Training Overview” video and listen to “Small Group Best Practices” audio with handout.

Small Group Training

Robert Lewis orients you to the training and resources you’ll need to lead a successful BetterMan Small Group.

What is BetterMan?

Here you will learn about our philosophy behind BetterMan, the 11-week large group format we use, and the proven strategies that make BetterMan work.

Small Group Best Practices

Robert Lewis speaks about the BetterMan small group format and the keys to its success. Click the button below to download the Small Group Best Practices handout.

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