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Small Group Leader’s Guide

A step-by-step how-to manual for bringing your men together and leading them through the 11-week BetterMan journey.

BetterMan Workbooks

These 75-page, high-quality workbooks were created to help guide you and your men over the 11-week BetterMan journey. If you want to get members of your Virtual Small Group a physical workbook, click purchase below. If this is not possible, PDFs of every session are available under each weekly session’s video.


Instructional Video

Early in the 11-week BetterMan journey, there is one, special “outside” storytelling meeting that is extremely important to the overall BetterMan experience. This meeting will be scheduled and organized by the BetterMan Table Leaders and best takes place in the relaxed setting of someone’s home. This meeting is called the “My Life Story” gathering and occurs in the days after Session 2 but before Session 3. Instruction for conducting this meeting and for how men share their life stories with one another is found in the video below.
Please note, it is extremely important that you as a leader watch this helpful training for leading this outside storytelling meeting at least 48 hours before Session 2 so that you are prepared to invite and discuss this outside meeting with your table group members.

My Life Story For After Session 02

Session 11 Group Leader Instructions

Featured Speakers

Profiles & Virtual Group Links

Below are our four featured speakers you can select from to teach your BetterMan 11-week experience. Each man instructs from the same curriculum and workbook. Our recommendation is that you sample one or two video sessions from each speaker before deciding which one you will use to teach your men. You can access the video sessions by either clicking on the instructors picture or the “Virtual Group Link” button below that. Once you have selected your speaker, that speaker’s Video Sessions page will be the link you use to send to your Virtual Small Group members.

Tim Lundy Senior Pastor, Venture Christian Church

JP Pokluda Lead Pastor, Harris Creek Baptist Church

Jaime Loya Senior Pastor, Cross Church

Derwin Gray Lead Pastor, Transformation Church