BetterMan is for men who want something different.
Something better.

BetterMan helps men unleash the better man inside them by dismissing today’s toxic and passive cultural expressions of masculinity and empowering the timeless manhood fundamentals found in the Bible and in the person of Jesus Christ.

Our Story

BetterMan x Barna - Five Essentials To Engage Today’s Men

BetterMan is backed by biblical truth and the latest Barna research and data. When creating the 11-week BetterMan group study, we enlisted the Barna Group to uncover how today’s men are navigating 21st-century waters.

Five Essentials to Engage Today’s Men is a comprehensive resource for pastors, men’s ministry leaders, and mentors looking to effectively reach today’s men. Filled with eye-opening statistics and thought-provoking insights, this research will empower you to support men on their journey towards better.

The BetterMan Team

Our Speakers

Derwin Gray

Lead Pastor, Transformation Church

Jaime Loya

Senior Pastor, Cross Church

JP Pokluda

Lead Pastor, Harris Creek Church

Tim Lundy

Senior Pastor, Venture Christian Church

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