Our Passion

BetterMan seeks to foster a growing community of men who desire a better, more fulfilling life from our work, family, friends, marriages, and from our relationship with God. We are opposed to any cultural expression of masculinity that leads men into living toxic or passive lives. The BetterMan framework actively seeks to counter today’s dysfunctional masculinity by offering men the timeless, life-giving manhood found in the Bible. At BetterMan, our passion is to help men discover and implement that design.

Our mission is to connect the next generation of men to the life-giving manhood of Jesus.

BetterMan Values

  • Biblically Rooted
  • Relationship Focused
  • Discipleship Centered
  • Movement Driven

BetterMan Strategy

  • Connect Men to Life-Giving Manhood
  • Connect Men to Life-Giving Mentors
  • Connect Men to a Life-Giving Movement of Men

Our Story

The roots of BetterMan extend back to 1990 when Robert Lewis, then the pastor of Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, Arkansas, began exploring biblical manhood with a small group of men from his church at a weekly, early morning gathering. Soon that group swelled to over a thousand men, not only from the church, but from the surrounding community. Other churches and men’s groups soon took notice and began to request the curriculum and videos Robert was creating, known as Men’s Fraternity.

In 2000, Men’s Fraternity was published by LifeWay Christian Resources and embraced by thousands of churches across the United States. Over the next decade, Men’s Fraternity grew even further, becoming a global movement reaching millions of men around the world, including both a Dallas businessman named Barry Davis and a then TCU baseball player named Austin Adams. In time, Barry and Austin began to dream about creating a new men’s ministry together in the future.

This passion continued to grow and in 2018 Barry and Austin reached out to Robert with their new ministry idea. At the time, Robert was launching a new ministry in the Little Rock community specifically aimed at reaching out to millennial men. After flying to Little Rock to observe this new outreach and talk with Robert about how, together, they could reach young men across America with a biblical vision of manhood, they excitedly stacked hands and said, “Let’s do this!” At that moment BetterMan was born. Over the next two years, Robert created what is now the BetterMan 11-week curriculum. Pilot groups in five cities tested this curriculum and the outreach strategy that went with it. Finally, a staff team was put in place, and in June 2020, BetterMan was officially and publicly launched.

Now, in 2021, BetterMan has expanded and launched MejorHombre, a fully translated, Spanish version of our curriculum and BetterMan Experience.

Our Board

Barry Davis Founding Partner & Board Chairman
Robert Lewis Founding Partner
Austin Adams Founding Partner
Matt Levy Board Member
JP Pokluda Board Member

Our Staff

Chris Harper Executive Director
Carson Radke Chief Operating Officer
Amanda Gilpin Director of Strategic Initiatives
Russell Rainey Launch Director
Adam Tarnow Podcast Director
Alaina Haas Marketing & Communications Director
Anna Catherine Bradley Customer Experience Manager
Kyle Reno Church Network Director

Our Speakers

View a brief sample of each of our video speakers below.

Derwin Gray Lead Pastor
Transformation Church
Jaime Loya Senior Pastor
Cross Church
JP Pokluda Lead Pastor
Harris Creek Baptist Church
Tim Lundy Senior Pastor
Venture Christian Church