BetterMan Defined

A deep dive into the definition of manhood.


BetterMan Defined is a free follow-up series built on the 11-week BetterMan Core Curriculum. BetterMan Defined is a series of four 5-week curriculums—each curriculum  is a deep dive into the key principles of biblical manhood.

Biblically rich, theologically sound, and incredibly practical, each study includes pre-recorded video teachings from manhood experts, workbook guides, and group discussion questions.

Launch your BetterMan Defined Group in 3 Steps:

Get instant access

Create a login and get free access to all the BetterMan Defined Resources for your group, including videos and workbooks. 

Gather your group

You're welcome to invite some, or all, of the men from your original BtterMan Group.

Start your Betterman Experience

Meet for 5 weeks and go deeper in what it means to be a BetterMan.

A Real Man Improves God's World


How much does BetterMan Defined cost?
All BetterMan materials are free of charge. Our workbooks have a free downloadable version, but we also offer printed copies for your convenience sold at cost online.
How long is BetterMan Defined?

BetterMan Defined consists of 4 series; each series is 5 weeks long. The 4 parts of the study do not need to be presented in a particular order and can be sequenced at the discretion of the leader.

Can I do BetterMan Defined before the 11-week BetterMan Core Curriculum?

Yes, but we strongly recommend starting with the BetterMan Core 11-week Study before beginning BetterMan Defined since the curriculum builds upon that foundation.

Do I have to do BetterMan Defined with the same men from the 11-week Core Experience?

You can, but it’s flexible. We do recommend that everyone who is a part of your BetterMan Defined Group has completed the BetterMan 11-week Core Study to have the foundational knowledge to build upon.

Is BetterMan Defined designed to be led by a mentor?

Yes, similar to the BetterMan 11-week Core Study, BetterMan Defined is designed with a mentor and participant model in mind. We recommend having 2 leaders or “mentors” per ~6 men participating.

What size group is appropriate for BetterMan Defined?

Just like the 11-week BetterMan Core Study, BetterMan Defined is suitable for any size group, including a small group (3-8 men) or in a large church or ministry setting (50-500+ men).

How do churches use BetterMan Defined?

Churches can use BetterMan as an ongoing men’s ministry program to engage members and the community. First, they can offer the 11-week BetterMan Core Study, followed by 4 parts of BetterMan Defined. Churches can opt to offer all 31 weeks (11 weeks of BetterMan Core + 20 weeks of BetterMan Defined) over the course of 1, 1.5, or 2 years, depending on the amount of space between each series.

How is the meeting time structured?

We recommend allocating 60 - 70 minutes: 30 for watching the message followed by a quick break and then 30 for group discussion.


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