Men need the church like never before.

A generation of men are struggling in life. Men are without a roadmap - pressured by culture, marriages not thriving, children without direction, and families leaving the church. That's where you come in. You can help define what real manhood is - the true and timeless masculinity God designed from the beginning in Genesis. The men in your community are ready to be better men, and you can unleash them.

BetterMan is a long-term discipleship strategy not a one-and-done product.

Churches use BetterMan for many reasons: to re-engage their members, sharpen young adult men, leverage the experience of older men, and as an invitation to non-members and even nonbelievers. A key to a growing and healthy church is men, because if men are engaged, families are engaged.

Over 1 Million men impacted
Curriculum created by Robert Lewis. Backed by the latest Barna research.

As a pastor, best-selling author, founder of Men’s Fraternity, and trailblazer in Christian men’s ministry for over 40 years, Robert created the BetterMan curriculum, with research from Barna Group, to help men build their lives on practical biblical truth that gets real-life results.

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How is BetterMan free?
We're not here to sell you on anything - all BetterMan Resources are free of charge. The financial investment to create BetterMan resources and run the organization has been provided by generous donors. Why? We believe biblical manhood is that important and we wanted to make sure that lack of finances is not a barrier to any man who wants to learn about it.
How many men attend church BetterMan Groups?
That's up to your church to decide! It depends on a few factors like the venue space you have available, how many table leaders you're able to recruit, and if you'd like to have open registration or have the Table Leaders recruit the men in their group. Church groups typically range between 50-500+ men, but smaller or larger groups are great too!
What is covered during the experience?
From unpacking your past to planning your future, we cover it all in topics related to biblical manhood.
When do BetterMan Groups start?
Groups launch year-round, but common group launch dates are 1) in the beginning of the year around January and 2) in the fall around September.
How is BetterMan different from other men’s studies?

Unlike many other church courses or Bible studies, BetterMan is a long-term discipleship strategy that will strengthen the men in your church. We believe in the "reach and unleash" model of men who participant in BetterMan can turnaround and be Table Leaders and pour into other men. 

The curriculum is also unique in that it presents a specific, easily remembered, transferable definition of biblical manhood paired with practical application. It's a shorter study at 11 weeks which help men commit, appeals to men inside and outside the church, and is multi-generational.

What happens after BetterMan is over?
Churches often host multiple BetterMan groups each year. Men who participant in BetterMan can turnaround and be table leaders and pour into other men. BetterMan isn't a one-and-done product, but a long-term discipleship strategy. We recommend the "Defined" series which is a deeper dive into the 4 W's.


“Having a small group of multiple generations within the BetterMan course, with each having their own wisdom, helped me overcome my trials.”
“My group of guys were recovering from addictions and were attending church and AA meetings, but they had never participated in a group that was this transparent and had such practical, biblical application. BetterMan opened the door to one-on-one mentoring and deep relationships.”
“After BetterMan, I’m more confident about what it means to be a man of God and how to encourage other men on their journey alongside me.”