Help men experience better and create change in our world.

Private donors cover BetterMan operating costs, so your 100% tax deductible donation goes back into the ministry to provide men with the support, community, and tools to follow God’s design for biblical manhood.

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A donation will move the gospel forward in the lives of young men.

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What our world needs isn’t perfect men. It needs better men — men who follow Jesus.

Your generous gift helps men have a clear view of biblical masculinity that changes everything:

Marriages Improve

Families are closer

Children have direction

Churches are strengthend

Communities are built up

The Gospel moves forward to the next generation

Partner With Us

BetterMan exists to inspire men to follow God’s design for Biblical manhood – one that is life-giving to one’s self and others. In order to do that, we provide men with the support, community, and tools they need to journey toward better. We’re able to provide these resources free of cost because of the generosity and support of our BetterMan community. Thank you for considering partnering with us as we work collectively to empower men in their life, work, and callings.


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