Esenciales | 11 Semanas

Esenciales es un estudio de 11 semanas sobre los aspectos esenciales de la masculinidad bíblica. Cada semana, aprenderás cómo ser un mejor hombre a través de enseñanzas en vivo o en video y construirás relaciones con otros hombres a través de discusiones en grupo.

No puedes convertirte en lo que no puedes definir.

MejorHombre – Esenciales, es donde todo comenzó. Los hombres viven en una época en la cual no está claro cómo deben trabajar, jugar, amar y servir. Mensajes contradictorios les dicen a los hombres que lideren, mientras que otros dicen que se aparten del camino. Los hombres necesitan una definición de la masculinidad, una que sea perdurable y autoritativa. Los hombres necesitan una comunidad para extraer y aplicar esta definición. Así mismo, los hombres jóvenes necesitan de hombres mayores y más sabios para ayudarles en este viaje.

¿Quién necesita MejorHombre?

Todo hombre, dentro o fuera de la iglesia que desee tener una dirección clara y bíblica de cómo ser un hombre.

Todo hombre, dentro o fuera de la iglesia que desee tener un mejor matrimonio.

Todo hombre, dentro o fuera de la iglesia que desee tener una vida laboral significativa.

Todo hombre, dentro o fuera de la iglesia que desee una mejor relación con sus hijos.

¿Qué es?
Es un lenguaje y una licencia

Esenciales es un estudio de 11 semanas que se profundiza en la definición perdurable de la masculinidad. Como hombres, si no conocemos las reglas, no jugamos el juego. Queremos saber cómo ganar. Esenciales explica las reglas del juego. Con una base bíblica sólida, fundamentos teológicos sólidos e increíblemente prácticos, cada estudio incluye enseñanzas en video pregrabadas de expertos en masculinidad, guías de trabajo y preguntas de discusión en grupo.

¿Cómo funciona?
Tú decides

1. Grupo pequeño

Puedes reunir a un grupo de hombres (del trabajo, tu vecindario, tu iglesia, amigos, etc.) y organizar un grupo pequeño tú mismo.

2. Grupos de Iglesia

Coordina con tu iglesia local para iniciar un grupo. Tu iglesia puede comenzar a nivel congregacional o incluso a nivel comunitario. Recomendamos un tiempo de enseñanza en vivo para el grupo grande, pero los videos también están disponibles para utilizarse en lugar. Cambia los corazones de suficientes hombres y es probable que veas cambiar toda una ciudad.

¿Qué necesitamos?
Un corazón por los hombres

MejorHombre ha proporcionado los recursos necesarios para que puedas iniciar un grupo pequeño o comenzar un grupo grande en tu iglesia local.

Los hombres necesitan que te pongas en la brecha y les ayudes a comprender cómo se ve la masculinidad bíblica. Necesitan la definición perdurable que ofrece MejorHombre. Todo el contenido está disponible para descargar de forma gratuita.

Estoy listo
Crea una cuenta de líder

Crear una cuenta como líder te brinda acceso inmediato a todo el contenido digital que MejorHombre tiene para ofrecer. Descubrirás todos los recursos necesarios para iniciar Esenciales en la iglesia o en un grupo pequeño. También tendrás acceso a contenido adicional en las series Definido.

BetterMan is taught live or by a video speaker

Small groups choose one of our amazing video speakers to teach the weekly pre-recorded messages. BetterMan Speakers are different ages and have unique backgrounds and teaching styles, so you can choose which speaker works best for your group. Churches also have the option to teach live.

Derwin Gray

Derwin Gray

Dr. Derwin L. Gray is the co-founder and lead pastor of Transformation Church, a multiethnic, multigenerational, mission-shaped church in the Charlotte, NC area. Dr. Gray has been married since 1992 and has two adult children. He was an All-American Safety at Brigham Young University. He then went on to play 5 years with the Indianapolis Colts and 1 year with the Carolina Panthers.

In 2015, Derwin was awarded an honorary doctorate from Southern Evangelical Seminary. In 2018, he received his Doctor of Ministry in the New Testament in Context at Northern Seminary. He is the author of several books, including the national bestseller, The Good Life: What Jesus Teaches About Finding True Happiness.



Jamie Loya

Jamie Loya

Jaime Loya was born on December 28, 1974 to Juan and Norma Loya of San Benito, Texas. He is the youngest of three children. He graduated from San Benito High School in 1993. That same year, in the summer of 1993, he married the love of his life, Rose Mary Benavides. Soon after marriage, Jaime attended Tell My People Bible Training Center in Harlingen, Texas.

Upon graduation, Jaime & Rose Mary began their ministry as youth pastors at ICCM Tabernacle of Life in Harlingen, Texas. They continued working until God moved them to start Cross Church, formerly known as Valley International Christian Center, alongside their parents in 1995. Although the early days were a struggle, the Church endured and by the grace of God, Pastor Loya began to experience great success in ministry.

In 2004, soon after entering their new 600 seat sanctuary, Pastor Loya was recognized by the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC) and Third Day Believer’s Network (3DBN), as one of the most significant and successful Hispanic pastors in the United States of America. The year 2014 marked another significant moment in the life of the ministry, as Cross Church completed their 1,800 seat sanctuary.

In 2017, Cross Church was recognized by Outreach Magazine as one of America’s 100 Fastest Growing Churches, recognition that was also obtained in 2011 and 2013.

Pastor Loya continues to serve as Senior Pastor of Cross Church. His pastoral duties include leading a church of over 3,000 people in weekend attendance, employing a full time church staff and developing church leaders. Pastor Loya has successfully launched several church plants and campuses and is in the process of launching more in the near future. He serves as a mentor and ministry coach to other Pastors in and around the area and across the U.S.

Pastor Loya is regarded as one of the emerging voices in America and prominent preachers of his generation. His unique style and bilingual speaking ability has taken him all over the nation ministering in some of America’s largest churches. He has also ministered abroad in such places as Germany, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and several parts of Central America.

Aside from his pastoral duties, he serves as a Board Member of WIN Ministries and the National Hispanic Leadership Conference (NHCLC)-America’s Largest Hispanic Christian Organization that is leading the way in addressing issues such as poverty, healthcare, education reform, religious persecution, juvenile delinquency, etc.

Jaime and Rose Mary currently reside in the city of Harlingen, Texas and are the proud parents of four children – Hannah, Sarah, Isaiah and Josiah.



JP Pokluda

JP Pokluda

JP is the Lead Pastor of Harris Creek Baptist Church in Waco, TX. Previously, he was the leader of The Porch and teaching pastor of Watermark Community Church, both in Dallas, TX. Under his leadership, The Porch grew to be the largest young adult ministry of its kind in the world.

JP came to understand the grace of the gospel in his early twenties after being involved in different denominational churches his entire life. This ignited a desire in him to inspire young adults to radically follow Jesus Christ and unleash them to change the world. Most recently, he has seen this passion expressed through writing. His best-selling book, Welcome to Adulting, offers Millennials a roadmap to navigate faith, finances, friendships, and the future. His most recent book release, Welcome to Adulting Survival Guide, is a 42-day guide dedicated to those in their 20s and 30s. JP is passionate about equipping ministries around the world to reach the future of the Church.

JP’s partner in ministry is Monica, his wife of fifteen years, and together they disciple their children Presley, Finley, and Weston.



Tim Lundy

Tim Lundy

A graduate of Crichton College and Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.M.), Tim has been in ministry for three decades. He is currently the Senior Pastor at Venture Christian Church in Los Gatos, California where he was previously on staff as Teaching Pastor. Tim also served as Lead Pastor of Christ Community Church – Little Rock; Directional Leader of Fellowship Bible Church – Little Rock; Chaplain for the International Community School and Pastor of the International Community Church in Bangkok, Thailand; and Interim Director of Spiritual Formation at the Center for Christian Leadership at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Mentored by Dr. Robert Lewis, Tim led Men’s Fraternity for 10 years and currently leads the Men’s Ministry at Venture Christian Church. He has been married for over 27 years to his best friend, Lea, and they love being the parents of seven children, along with two sons-in-law, and one grandson: Lindsey and Matt LaFleur with one-year-old Emmerich; Mallory and David Connell; Kate, Drew, Kent, Blake, and Jude.



Chris Harper
Chief Executive Officer

Chris Harper
Chief Executive Officer
Chris Harper [aka Harp] is a speaker, writer, and disciple-maker serving as the CEO of BetterMan. Equipping more than 2500+ churches and 300,000+ men, BetterMan is calling the Church back to men.
Chris is passionate about biblical manhood, and often speaks on topics such as a man’s identity in Christ and the importance of being a gospel-centered husband and father. Chris desires to see generations of men grasp who they are in Christ and come alive! Chris received his Masters degree from Dallas Theological Seminary and his Doctorate from the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.


Chris and his wife, Ally, live with their four children - Scarlett, Malachi, Calvin, and Oliver - in Arlington, Texas. In addition to his family, Chris loves a pick-up basketball game, a good cheeseburger, and firmly believes Jordan is better than Lebron.

Kyle Reno

Kyle Reno

Kyle has a deep desire to be a part of a movement marked by men embracing their role in the story of God. His passion for ministry was shaped when he came to Christ at 19 through the investment of his baseball coach and a local church in Gardendale, AL.

In addition to working with the BetterMan Team, Kyle serves as the Senior Pastor at Crossgates Church in Brandon, MS, a multiplying church family with prayer-filled dreams of playing a part in the coming move of God across America.

Kyle and his incredible wife, Katie, have been blessed with four sons and one daughter.

Bryan Hurlbutt

Bryan Hurlbutt

Since 2004, Bryan has been the lead and founding pastor of Lifeline Community Church in West Jordan, Utah, where his mission has been to cultivate holistic disciples of Christ with lives of passionate engagement and intellectual depth. He has discipled men for over 20 years, teaching from an authentic place where his own story fits into God’s grand story.
In addition to pastoring, Bryan teaches and writes on a wide range of topics, including theology, worldview, and discipleship. His book, “Tasty Jesus: Liberating Christ from the Power of Our Predilections,” equips believers to respond to the distortions of Christ created by the personal tastes of our culture that conflict with the Bible and historic Christian orthodoxy. He also published “Cohort: Forming a Legion of Disciples in the
Local Church” to teach church leaders effective strategies for developing discipleship structures and curriculum.

He holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from Talbot School of Theology and a Master of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Bryan is joined in life and ministry by his best friend and wife of over 25 years, Jennifer. Together, they have poured their lives into three beautiful and precious daughters: Brynne, Reghan and Tierney.

Preguntas frecuentes

¿Cómo es posible que MejorHombre sea gratis?

No estamos aquí para venderte de nada: los recursos de MejorHombre son completamente gratuitos. La inversión financiera para crear los recursos de MejorHombre y operar la organización ha sido proporcionada por generosos donantes. ¿Por qué? Creemos que la masculinidad bíblica es de vital importancia y queríamos asegurarnos de que la falta de recursos económicos no presentaran una barrera para ningún hombre que desee aprender al respecto. Nuestros cuadernos de trabajo tienen una versión descargable gratuita, pero también ofrecemos copias impresas que vendemos al costo de impresión y que puedes adquirir en línea para mayor comodidad.

¿Qué se cubre en el transcurso delprograma?
Desde desempacar tu pasado hasta planificar tu futuro. Cubrimos todos los temas relacionados a la masculinidad bíblica.
¿Cuándo inician los grupos deMejorHombre?
Los grupos inician a lo largo de todo el año. Sin embargo, las fechas comunes de inicio son al principio del año, alrededor de enero y en el otoño, cerca de septiembre.
¿Estoy listo para ser un guía deMejorHombre?
Los lideres de mejor hombre han caminado con el Señor por unas cuantas temporadas de su vida y ahora desean invertir en otros hombres. No necesitas ser un catedrático bíblico, pero si necesitar afirmar con integridad, “Sed imitadores de mí, como también yo lo soy de Cristo” (1 Cor. 11:1), para estar calificado como líder. Si tienes dudas, escríbenos al correo electrónico
¿Cómo encuentro un guía para liderar migrupo de MejorHombre?
Es probable que exista un hombre en tu vida que admiras, quién pueda liderar tu grupo de MejorHombre (ej. Papá, pastor, líder espiritual, etc.) Puedes incluso ofrecerte a reclutar los hombres que participarán contigo en el grupo pequeño. También puedes consultarlo con tu iglesia local para iniciar MejorHombre allí.
¿Qué hace MejorHombre diferente a otrosestudios de hombres?

MejorHombre es único en que presenta una definición específica, transferible y fácil de recordar de la masculinidad bíblica; juntamente con aplicaciones prácticas. Es atractivo, no solo para los hombres de la iglesia, sino también para los hombres en la comunidad. Además, mezcla hombres mayores con hombres jóvenes, aprovechando así, las experiencias y sabiduría de aquellos hombres que han madurado en su caminar espiritual y en su vida personal.

Partner Churches

Looking for a BetterMan Group at a church? Check out our partner churches to see if a BetterMan Group is launching soon near you


“Having a small group of multiple generations within the BetterMan course, with each having their own wisdom, helped me overcome my trials.”
“After BetterMan, I’m more confident about what it means to be a man of God and how to encourage other men on their journey alongside me.”
“My group of guys were recovering from addictions and were attending church and AA meetings, but they had never participated in a group that was this transparent and had such practical, biblical application. BetterMan opened the door to one-on-one mentoring and deep relationships.”


How much does the Core 11 Week cost?

All BetterMan (digital) materials are free of charge. 

What is covered during the experiences?

From unpacking your past to planning your future, we cover it all in topics related to biblical manhood.

When do BetterMan Groups start?

Groups launch year-round, but common group launch dates are 1) in the beginning of the year around January and 2) in the fall around September.

Am I ready to be a BetterMan Mentor?

BetterMan Leaders have walked with the Lord for a few seasons of life and have a desire to invest in other men. You don’t have to be a Bible scholar, but you do need to be able to say with integrity, “Follow me as I follow Christ” (1 Cor. 11:1), to be qualified to lead. Still unsure? Email us at

How do I find a mentor to lead my BetterMan Group?

Chances are good that there’s a man in your life you look up to who could lead your BetterMan Group (i.e. a father, pastor, spiritual leader, etc). You might offer to help recruit the small group of men to attend the 11-week BetterMan Experience with you. Also, you can ask your local church to launch BetterMan.

How is BetterMan different from other men’s studies?

BetterMan is unique in that it presents a specific, easily remembered, transferable definition of biblical manhood paired with practical application. It's a shorter study at 11 weeks compared to others. It appeals to men in the community, not just men at church.
It’s mixes younger and older men together. We think you should check it out and let us know why you think it's different at

¿Tienes preguntas?

Contáctanos por medio de nuestra página de contacto o vía correo electrónico a