Core | 11 Week

Core is an 11 week study on the essentials of biblical manhood. Each week, you’ll learn how to be a better man through live or video teaching and build relationships with other men through group discussions.

You cannot become what you cannot define.

BetterMan Core is where it all began. Men live in a day and time where it isn't clear how they are to work, play, love and serve. Conflicting messages tell men to lead, while others say get out of the way. Men need a definition of manhood, one that is timeless and authoritative. Men need a community to unpack and apply that definition. Younger men need older, wiser men to help them on this journey.

Who needs this?

Every man, in or out of a church that wants a clear biblical direction to being a man.

Every man, in or out of a church that wants a better marriage.

Every man, in or out of a church that wants his working life to matter.

Every man, in our out of a church that wants a better relationship with his children.

What is it?
It's a language and a license

Core is an 11 week study that dives into the timeless definition of manhood.

As men, If we don't know the rules, we won't play the game. We want to know how to win. Core explains the rules of the game.

Biblically rich, theologically sound, and incredibly practical, each study includes pre-recorded video teachings from manhood experts, workbook guides, and group discussion questions.

How does it work?
You decide 

1. Small Group

You can gather a group of men (from work, your neighborhood, your church, friends, etc...) and host a small group yourself.

2. Church

Coordinate with your local church to launch a group. Your church can launch church wide, or even community wide. We would encourage a live teaching time for the large group, but videos are still available.

Change the hearts of enough men, you will likely see an entire city change. 


What do we need?
A heart for men

BetterMan has provided the free resources for you to launch a small group or to launch a large group at your local church.

Men need you to step into the gap and help them gain an understanding of what biblical manhood looks like. They need the timeless definition BetterMan has to offer. All of the content is free for download. 

I'm ready
Create a Leader Login

Creating your leader login gives you immediate access to all of the digital content BetterMan has to offer. You will discover all of the resources needed to launch Core in the church or as a small group. You will also gain access to additional content in the Defined and Explore series.


How much does the Core 11 Week cost?

All BetterMan (digital) materials are free of charge. 

What is covered during the experiences?

From unpacking your past to planning your future, we cover it all in topics related to biblical manhood.

When do BetterMan Groups start?

Groups launch year-round, but common group launch dates are 1) in the beginning of the year around January and 2) in the fall around September.

Am I ready to be a BetterMan Mentor?

BetterMan Leaders have walked with the Lord for a few seasons of life and have a desire to invest in other men. You don’t have to be a Bible scholar, but you do need to be able to say with integrity, “Follow me as I follow Christ” (1 Cor. 11:1), to be qualified to lead. Still unsure? Email us at

How do I find a mentor to lead my BetterMan Group?

Chances are good that there’s a man in your life you look up to who could lead your BetterMan Group (i.e. a father, pastor, spiritual leader, etc). You might offer to help recruit the small group of men to attend the 11-week BetterMan Experience with you. Also, you can ask your local church to launch BetterMan.

How is BetterMan different from other men’s studies?

BetterMan is unique in that it presents a specific, easily remembered, transferable definition of biblical manhood paired with practical application. It's a shorter study at 11 weeks compared to others. It appeals to men in the community, not just men at church.
It’s mixes younger and older men together. We think you should check it out and let us know why you think it's different at


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