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Small group, massive impact.

Men don't need a self-improvement plan. They need someone like you – who walks with Jesus, has life experience, and a heart to see them thrive – to guide them on a journey toward better. The BetterMan Curriculum is helpful, but it really comes alive through relationships. You can help men become God’s man, and when that happens families are stronger, women thrive, communities improve, and churches are strengthened.

About BetterMan Small Groups

BetterMan is a series of group studies on the essentials of biblical manhood taught through live or video teaching, workbooks, and group discussions that build authentic community.

Small Groups are led by 2 mentors and have around 6 other men participating. Groups typically gather in homes, offices, or other quiet spaces. Each week is 90 minutes long and prep is minimal. We provide you with all the resources and best practices you need to successfully launch a BetterMan Group.

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Am I ready to be a mentor?

BetterMan Leaders have walked with the Lord for a few seasons of life and have a desire to invest in other men. You don’t have to be a Bible scholar, but you do need to be able to say with integrity, “Follow me as I follow Christ,” (1 Cor. 11:1) to be qualified to lead. Still unsure? Email us at

How can I find men to join my small group?

Small group leaders recruit the participants of their groups, which are often made up of sons, friends of kids, men at work, men at church, neighbors, and other guys in their network.

Are you open to being connected with men in your area looking for a group? Email us at

I’m not ready to be a mentor. How can I find someone to lead my small group?

Chances are good that there’s a man in your life that you look up to who could lead your BetterMan Group (i.e. a father, pastor, spiritual leader, etc). You might offer to help recruit the small group of men to attend with you. Also, you can ask your local church to launch BetterMan. If you're interested in jumping in a group but can't find someone to lead, let us know here.

What makes BetterMan different from other men’s Bible studies?

BetterMan is unique in that it presents a specific, easily remembered, transferable definition of biblical manhood paired with practical application. It's a shorter study at 11-weeks, which makes for an easier commitment from men. It appeals to men in the community, not just men at church. It mixes younger and older men together. It offers four different video speakers with diverse backgrounds to choose from. We think you should check it out and let us know why you think it's different at!

What is covered during the experience?

From unpacking your past to planning your future, we cover it all in topics related to biblical manhood.

How will BetterMan impact men’s lives?

BetterMan helps men unleash the better man inside them. The curriculum is an 11-week group study on the essentials of biblical manhood and how men can live it out at home, at work, with friends, and with God


“My group of guys were recovering from addictions and were attending church and AA meetings, but they had never participated in a group that was this transparent and had such practical, biblical application. BetterMan opened the door to one-on-one mentoring and deep relationships.”
“Having a small group of multiple generations within the BetterMan course, with each having their own wisdom, helped me overcome my trials.”

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