Five Essentials to Engage Today’s Men

When it comes to reaching more men, don’t guess. Get the facts.


Meet men where they are.
Then help them take a step toward better.

There’s no denying that today’s men face unique cultural challenges in life, work, and ministry. That’s why we partnered with Barna Group to study trends in manhood and uncover how today’s men are navigating 21st-century waters.

Access the Five Essentials to Engage Today’s Men

A comprehensive resource for pastors, men’s ministry leaders, and mentors looking to effectively reach today’s men. Filled with eye-opening statistics and thought-provoking insights, this research will empower you to support men on their journey towards better.

A data-driven guidebook is for leaders who want to have a greater impact on men.

Each brief chapter unpacks the research on one of the five essential aspect of men’s lives:

Church Engagement

Better understand the challenges Christian men are facing and opportunities for reaching non-Christian men more effectively.

As a preview, some findings from the study showed:

There is a crisis-level dad deficit in young men today.

43% of men grow up with a dad and 50% of men who grew up with a dad still feel emotionally and directionally disconnected

Men are growing their identities around shallow values.

Fun and making money are among their highest priorities

Men are suffering from unprecedented loneliness.

Not just non-Christian men, but 55% of Christian young men report feelings of frequent loneliness

There is a clear generational divide on morals.

1 in 3 Christian men believe that sex before marriage is wrong


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