A better life isn’t out there.
It’s in you.

BetterMan is a free 11-week group study on the essentials of biblical manhood.
Having a clear vision of manhood changes everything.

Gain confidence to become the man you want to be

Improve your relationships with family and friends

Create the purposeful life
you crave

You’re a man.
But what does that really mean?

Culture tells us real men make a lot of money and have it all together. But you know it’s not that easy. BetterMan is about activating a better masculinity - the true and timeless masculinity God designed from the beginning in Genesis.

Since 2018

100,000+ Men
1,000+ Churches
50 States
15+ Countries
BetterMan helps you become the man you want to be.

BetterMan is an 11-week group study consisting of weekly video teachings and group discussions that provide a clear definition of biblical masculinity and practical ways to make your marriage, parenting, work-life, relationship with God — everything — better.

Over 1 million men impacted
Meet Dr. Robert Lewis

As a pastor, best-selling author, founder of Men’s Fraternity, and trailblazer in Christian men’s ministry for over 40 years, Robert created the BetterMan curriculum, with research from Barna Group, to help men build their lives on practical biblical truth that gets real-life results.

Ready for a change? Three steps to launch your BetterMan Group:

Get instant access

Create a login and get free access to all the BetterMan Resources for your group including videos, leader guides, and workbooks.

Gather your group

Invite men to join your BetterMan Group. Small groups consist of around 8 men and church groups are 50-500+ men that break into small groups of 8 men.

Start your BetterMan Experience

Meet for 11 weeks with the men in your group and create the life you crave.

Be courageous. Experience results.

Without a clear vision for manhood, you’re left to weed through the misguidance of culture and learn mistakes through trial and error. Coasting through life is common, but you can be different. After your BetterMan Experience you’ll be able to:

  • Articulate what it means to be a man.
  • Understand the challenges and opportunities manhood brings.
  • Relate and connect better with your wife to be the husband she needs.
  • Find greater purpose and success with your work.
  • Spiritually connect deeper with God.
  • Deal with your past so it doesn’t impact your future.

BetterMan for Churches

BetterMan for Churches is a ready-to-go, strategic evangelistic outreach that is free to use and simple to implement. Why do the men in your church matter so much? Our research with Barna Group tells us:

There is a crisis-level dad deficit in young men today.

Men are growing their identities around shallow values.

Men are suffering from unprecedented loneliness.

There is a clear generational divide on morals.


“My group of guys were recovering from addictions and were attending church and AA meetings, but they had never participated in a group that was this transparent and had such practical, biblical application. BetterMan opened the door to one-on-one mentoring and deep relationships.”
“Having a small group of multiple generations within the BetterMan course, with each having their own wisdom, helped me overcome my trials.”

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