Books Every Christian Man Should Read

Here are books I have found helpful in my walk with Christ - and I hope you'll find them helpful, too.

True growth comes from study.  Foremost we must study and know the Bible...and live it out everyday.  Furthermore, there are great books from great writers who can cause us to look at our lives, learn more about God and foster growth in our walk with King Jesus.   Here are some great books I recommend for growing close to God. You can click on the title and order a copy from Amazon.

**A Tale of Three Kings - Gene Edwards

**Cost of Discipleship - Bonhoeffer

Holiness of God - RC Sproul

Knowing God - JI Packer

Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God - JI Packer

Holiness - JC Ryle

**Thoughts for Young Men - JC Ryle

Cross of Christ - John Stott

Deep Discipleship - JT English

The Way of the Dragon or The Way of the Lamb - Goggin/Strobel

This Momentary Marriage - Piper

Every Good Endeavor - Tim Keller

Prodigal God - Tim Keller

My Glorious Brothers - Howard Fast

Toxic War on Masculinity - Nancy Pearcey

The books with the double asterisk (**) are books I try to read annually.  I pray they will be as meaningful to you are they have been to me.

Chris Harper